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Hello Friends! Matthew Avant here...

Have you EVER been advised on your business marketing situation? I believe there should be no hassle when it comes to selecting a profitable strategy for your business.  That's why we strive to be your one-stop shop for navigating the world of digital and online marketing.  

From customer satisfaction, to best-of company awards, we are the team that can provide you with the tools you need right now.  Whether it is a custom plan, rebrand, or small businesses start-up, we have you COVERED!

"Whatever you're doing is working! Keep it up, I've had about a 80% conversion rate this week!"

-Jeremie Denley
Owner @ The K9 Consultant

"I have been so extremely impressed by Matthew and his team. His knowledge of social media has blown my mind. When I ask for help with anything, his team is on top of helping me and finding the solution! Very professional and kind men to work with. I HIGHLY recommend them for anything you need to further your business sales flow/social media."

-Jessica Russell
Owner @ Janie Rose Boutique

Matthew Avant 
Marketing Advisor
Greetings fellow business owners!  Sometimes we all can get into a situation where we don't have the right marketing strategy.  That can be scary, especially when you have a family and employees that depend on you. I offer peace of mind by helping you get positive results for your business no matter the need.  

We strive hard to offer you with solutions that actually work for you and your family. With over 5 years of experience, we guide our clients in choosing the right marketing products and platforms. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure that you get the right consultation strategy session you deserve.

If you need advice on your current advertising, or need to find a solution that will save you money or give you more options...
• Don't worry about where you can get coverage ads.
• Don't worry about expensive platforms. 
• Don't worry about open testing and optimization. 
Get your business on board today.
One click. It's that easy. 

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We offer the following marketing services that make a difference when you need it. 
Package below

Billed monthly
  • 7,500+ locally targeted ad impressions 
  • Ads on Facebook, Snap, & Instagram
  • Custom landing page
  • Custom visual for campaign

  • + digital coupon 

Package below

Billed monthly
  • 20,000+ locally targeted ad impressions
  • Ads on Facebook, Snap, & Instagram
  • Custom landing page
  • Custom visual for campaign
  • +Digital coupon 

Package below

Billed monthly, no set up fee.
                                                                                                              50,000+ locally targeted ad impressions 
  • Paid ad on top social channels
  • Custom digital coupon
  • Custom visual for campaign
  • + Advanced monthly digital coupon delivery
  •  + L4L audience network ads
Package below

Billed monthly
  • 15+ highly targeted leads per month in your local area 
  • Search ad placements on Google
  • Custom landing page
  • Custom copy for campaign
  • + digital coupon platform
  •   + L4L Audience network ads
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